Technical Overview

From the technical point of view the SeniorEngage platform will consist of several modules:

  • Teach through use. This module is meant to launch those retired seniors who don’t know how to use the Internet into the world of SENIORENGAGE quickly and easily. The basics of this module include: how to use a browser, sending e-mail, searching, among other skills. This course will be directed toward seniors with no experience in the use of the Internet, but also contains all the guidelines and media tutorials needed to start using the platform for seniors with online experience, in order to obtain the most useful benefit.
  • Professional Self-Worth Network. This is the core of the SENIORENGAGE system and what makes the platform truly unique. Older adults often feel that their contributions to their professions and to society as a whole are lost upon retirement. SENIORENGAGE will provide a practical networking platform which comprises the following:
  • RetiredProf System: This part of the Professional Self-Worth Network will allow retired seniors to continue to contribute to their professions by helping younger generations advance in their careers through shared knowledge. Seniors become mentors for young professionals and, in turn, create benefits that are two-fold:
    • Senior Professionals will continue to feel engaged in a professional community, reducing the risk of depression caused by detachment from one’s profession in the post-retirement years. Instead of feeling as if they have been stripped of their identity upon retirement, seniors will continue to feel engaged and above all, useful, as they will benefit emotionally from the help and guidance they are providing as a mentor to younger professionals.
    • Young professionals and SMEs will be able to find a professional retired mentor in the RetiredProf system to help guide them through the challenges of their career. Young professionals (“mentees”) and SMEs will enjoy advice in their professional field as provided by a seasoned expert which years of knowledge.
    • SeniorConsult: Retired professionals will be able to can exchange their expertise and knowledge with the rest of the community. Older adults who were active in professions such as business, research and engineering, finance, etc. prior to retirement will be able to provide their advice to businesses (such as startups) or non-profit organizations in need of answers to simple questions. As with the RetiredProf System, seniors will continue to feel engaged with their professional and feel the benefits of continuing to contribute to society.