The Consortium

The proposed technology requires the integration of a number of unique skills and an international dimension impossible to achieve by a single member state. The proposers have come together to provide a balanced match of technological skills, geographical representation, synergistic business interests and non-competitive positions related to the prospective outputs of the project. In this way the consortium is formed by 4 SMEs (CRIC, MFKK, CURE, MICROLINK), 1 University (JAMK) and 1 end users association (CAJYR) representing the Care Giving sector.

 CRIC- Centre de Recerca i Innovació de Catalunya S.A.- (SPAIN)Centre de Recerca i Investigació de Cat.SA

CRIC is a private Research and Engineering Centre founded in 1997 and based in Barcelona. Our mission is to offer integrated, customised and cost-effective solutions for companies in any industrial sector to create or transform their products and processes. The Information Technologies and Telecommunications Department (ITT) provides R+D+I in the complementary areas of IT and Telecom for a broad range of applications including Wireless Sensors Networks in industrial, residential, agricultural and metropolitan sectors, Mobile Technologies for tracking and locating, Intelligent Systems for industrial development, and e-Learning Platforms for industry and elderly people.

Contact Person: Jennifer Woodard (

MFKK- Feltalálói és Kutató Központ Szolgáltató Kft- (HUNGARY)

MFKK is a R&D centre dedicated to research and development of new technologies and methods beneficial for the global society and the environment. MFKK have been involved as partners in a Grundtvig project, called SeniorLearning (Adapting e-learning techniques for integrating senior citizens in the new digital world), which was showcased at the Grundtvig Conference in Brussels (26-28 Jan. 2010). Formerly, employees of MFKK have developed e-learning materials on electrical engineering with European and Japanese partners. MFKK intends to build on the experience gained in this area to deliver high quality e-learning content tailored to the needs of senior citizens, within the SeniorEngage system. This project is also a great opportunity to further improve our expertise.

Contact Person: Krisztina Palicska (

CURE- Center for Usability Research & Engineering- (AUSTRIA)

CURE is one of Europe’s leading organizations in the area of User Experience Research comprising the fields of Usability Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), User Interface Design, User Centred Design and Ambient Assistant Living Research. CURE has been working on the development and application of user centred design methodologies, innovative user interfaces, natural interaction environments and usability and user experience of security, privacy and trust for several years. CURE comprises a highly interdisciplinary team assembling all skills of contributing disciplines such as computer science, psychology, sociology, pedagogy, didactics, industrial design, communication science or management science.

Over the years CURE has been involved in and led more than 300 projects and several national and international initiatives. CURE’s research concerning usability, accessibility and user experience ensures that the user needs and end-user acceptance are properly addressed throughout the entire project. CURE is equipped with a leading edge and highly flexible user experience laboratory (lab based as well as mobile) comprising the whole range of most advanced user research and demonstration facilities. CURE takes a leading role in the evaluation field trials in Europe, and particularly setting up and leading trials taking place in Austria.

Contact Person: Jan Bobeth (

JAMK- University of Applied Sciences- (FINLAND) 

JAMK University of Applied Sciences is a multi-disciplinary learning and development community, which supports the professional growth of creative and spontaneous experts, promotes the know-how of economic and working life of Central Finland.  JAMK has four educational units, which are school of technology, school of health and social studies, school of business and services management and teacher education college. JAMK University of Applied Sciences has about 8500 students and 700 staff members.   JAMK cooperates with about 200 partners in over 40 different countries. JAMK University of Applied Sciences carries out regional, national and international research and development activities in all of its educational fields. University of Applied Sciences serves the development of companies and community by its multi-disciplinary know-how and collaboration networks. Cooperation is close especially with other education and development organizations in the region.

Contact Person: Kare Norvapalo (


Microlink is the UK’s largest independent supplier of Assistive Technology and disability related management services. Microlink was founded with the simple mission of helping disabled people achieve independence through Assistive Technology. This mission statement was given solid acknowledgement in April with the IOD Director of the year award 2010 for London and the South East presented to our managing director, Dr Nasser Siabi.

Microlink has been instrumental in the creation and advancement of the Assistive Technology industry. Through BATA, of which Microlink is a proud co-founder, we continue to and have successfully lobbied for changes needed to best serve people in need of Assistive Technology. These advancements have been acknowledged by the Employers Forum on Disability who awarded Microlink with their highest honour of Gold Card Membership. This award reflects the advances made to create environments whereby it’s easier for members to recruit and retain disabled employees.

Contact Person: Gabriel Swatzell (

CAJYR- Association of Care Giving Relatives of Jyväskylä Region- (FINLAND)

The Association’s working area is the region of Jyväskylä (Jyväskylä, Muurame, Petäjävesi, Uurainen and Toivakka). Population of this area is about 150 000. Association was founded 1997. Many of association’s members are retired caregivers who treated their close relatives at home. Association has members about 250. Region of Jyväskylä has about 800 official caregivers who receive municipal support and there are many more of those who are not receiving support at all.

The Association’s purpose is: to improve  the caregivers situation,to promote cooperation between members and authorities,to organize education and recreational activities,to provide advice and guidance services,to support caregivers with their daily hard work.

Contact Person: Elisa Järvenpää (