Scientific Objectives

Based on the unique needs of senior retired professionals, the proposed technology will:

  • Provide a Professional Self-Worth Network. This is the main product offering of the SENIORENGAGE system. Older adults often feel that their contributions to their professions and to society as a whole are lost upon retirement. SENIORENGAGE will provide a practical networking internet platform in which senior citizens can continue to contribute to their professions and to different areas of society which could benefit from their knowledge and expertise. Older adults who were active in professions such as business, engineering, education, etc. prior to retirement will be able to offer their expertise to younger professionals and continue to feel active in their field. One of the most important objectives of this module is promote intergenerational education, Professional seniors will be able to provide support to younger ones, and, in turn, seniors will continue to be involved in their profession in some way, contributing to their sense of self-worth.
  • SENIORENGAGE Social Network. This will be the leisure component of the system, where seniors may interact with each other and form interest groups based on hobbies, professions, location – even illnesses, helping reduce isolation and building a sense of community online. Relationships formed online will be translated into real life through the SENIORENGAGE “MeetMe” system, which will allow users to form social groups and organize offline meetups, volunteer their time and mentor younger professionals face-to-face.
  • Specific activities will be undertaken to promote SENIORENGAGE among new professionals as well as SMEs and companies wishing to use their services. European and national SME associations will be used for this purpose.