Project Details


SENIORENGAGE addresses the need to help retired senior professionals retain their sense of self-worth and continue to participate in society in the post-retirement years by developing network of online knowledge sharing and community.

A consortium comprised of SMEs, a University, an end-user organization, and a strong industrial partner have put together this project in order to gain the knowledge and resources to make this platform a reality and exploit it in the European market.


Taking into account the objectives of the AAL Programme, most importantly: “to enhance the security, to prevent social isolation and to support maintaining the multifunctional network around the individual”; ” to support maintaining health and functional capability of the elderly individuals” and “to promote a better and healthier lifestyle for individuals at risk”, the aim of the SeniorEngage project is to become a driving force in combatting exclusion and depression in the retired individual by providing a platform in which he or she can continue to feel useful and improve feelings of self-worth, helping reduce isolation and encourage active engagement in community regardless of physical health.

SeniorEngage is in line as well with the AAL Programme’s aims, namely “to foster the emergence of innovative ICT-based products, services and systems for ageing well at home, in the community, and at work, thus improving the quality of life, autonomy, participation in social life, skills and employability of older people and reducing the costs of health and social care”.

In addition, by aiding in the understanding of IT tools and providing a platform through which knowledge is shared in a professional online community, SeniorEngage may also assist those senior citizens who are returning to the job market, and assist in the achievement of the Lisbon Strategy’s goal of “50% employment of senior citizens by the year 2010” by integrating older workers into the jobs market to enable longer working lives in view of demographic change.