Public Information

Studies carried out by the consortium

NEW! Study on e-participation for senior citizens best practices

This report provides a final evaluation which investigated if potential end users could identify themselves with the platform on a longer term.

Study on seniors’ participation and their roles

This report characterises what senior citizens need in order to be able to participate in an online platform and the best ways to help them to enter the digital world.

Study on usability and ergonomics focussed on elderly people

This document contains a study of the usability, ergonomics and quality accessibility based on the special needs of elder people.


NEW! Presentation on the SeniorEngage project for the 2012 AAL Forum, Eindhoven


SeniorEngage in Finnish Caregivers Journal

Click image at right to read (in Finnish)

SeniorEngage Article for Finland

Article about the project in Finnish


Article in the magazine of Vanhustyön keskusliitto (The Central Union for the Welfare of the Aged; in Finnish)


Posters and Brochures

Poster Active Aging 2012

SeniorEngage poster displayed at 8th World Congress on Active Aging 13-17.8.2012, Glasgow

Poster AAL 2012 – Young Researchers

Poster created for the Young Researchers section of the AAL Forum 2012, Eindhoven.

AAL ForumPoster 2011

The SeniorEngage poster displayed at the AAL Forum 2011

SeniorEngage Poster for Finland

SeniorEngage poster in Finnish

SeniorEngage Handout for Finland

General handout in Finnish for the project

SeniorEngage One-pager

One-page informational document in English and Finnish

Description of the project

In English

Other Public Deliverables

Deliverable 7.1: Dissemination Report